Protective covers with a precise fit

 Request The Extremiti 3D Color & Design Selection guide to either accurately match skin tones or to create a personalized design as the durable and replaceable protective cover wrap.

20 industry standard protective cover skin tones available

16 custom protective cover designs available

Cosmetically wrapped in your choice of skin tone or designer options

Click on the below colors to view the options and SKU numbers:

A New Era of Socket Fabrication

Our line of high quality BK and AK Definitive sockets.

  • Provides the precise form, fit and functionality your patients deserve

  • Constructed and shipped within 48 hours

  • Re-formable check sockets for individual customization

  • Carbon additives provide long lasting durability

  • Eliminates pulling deformities encountered with manual fabrication

  • 3D printed to your exact measurements

  • With our Carbon Fiber Infill technology, qualifies for the Ultralight L-code