“By working with other innovative companies like Extremiti 3D on 3D printed sockets and prosthetic modules we are able to offer another option to our customers for socket design and fabrication using less hazardous materials that are strong and light w​eight”.

Rachel Friddle-Johnson, CPO, CEO, Friddle’s Orthopedic Appliances, Inc.

“I have had the opportunity to try 3D printing with Extremiti3D with my patient. Being that it was my first experience using 3D printing I was a bit apprehensive. I called on Extremiti3D and Jim Price to guide me through the process. The process was quick and easy. Just scanning and taking measurements was all that was needed. The fit of the socket was great, and adjustments were easy. The turn-around was fast. Because of the quick turnaround and the ease of prepping for the final socket, this freed up my time to do other O and P needs. They have a great many cosmetic choices to choose from as well.

I would recommend Extremiti3D to anyone who finds themselves with less time to cast, modify and laminate a prosthetic socket”.

Clay Claiborne, CPO, Claiborne Prosthetics and Orthotics